Getting Closer

That’s as many boards on as I am inclined to fit. There are one or 2 gaps, but these would be a nightmare to get into.
The shed is, in general, still a tip because of the lack of storage. I will get there though. Baby steps and all that.
We had a week away visiting the rellies, so the home stuff had to take a back seat.
This stuff make a significant difference in the accoustics within the shed, so I’m hoping it will make a difference with the temperature as well. Next task is to sort out the wiring, and get power sockets fitted. Once that little lot has been done, I can think about bringing cabinets in and building benches.
I have a work-bench to re-assemble, and all the tea-crates to stow away. Once I have done that, it will look much less cluttered.
No turning this week though.

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I’m not tight, just careful

I like to save money where possible, and upcycling is a good way to do this. I originally hoped to line the inside of the new shed with dry wipe white boards. I’m not in a hurry to get the walls lined, if the cost is low enough.
Unfortunately, work don’t dispose of marker boards centrally. They are junked as and when new ones are required. This was a bit of a disappointment.
Thankfully, pin boards and modesty panels are disposed of centrally. I managed to glean a pile which were being disposed of, just before they landed in a skip.
Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’ll do for me.
Some of the benches will have to come out to get the boards behind them, but that’s fine – I needed bench space to get started working. I’m making cable ways as I go and leaving string in to pull the wiring through.
One of the benefits of using these boards is they are made from an insulating material.
The two cabinets I brought from the old container are now up on the walls, and I have been gifted a pile of old kitchen cabinet doors. These will be used for building new storage.

I did start turning a pen, after setting the grinder up and sharpening my tools. Sadly one of the sections had a pocket of rot in it, so I will have to start that part again. No-one said it would be easy.

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Another step forward

The wall studwork is up and now the roof bracing is 75% done too. I have 3 lights on the braces, and these are wired permanently to the fuse box.
The table saw chucked the towel in on the last cut, which is why the baby bandsaw is perched on top.
I need to add my thoughts on the table saw to my machines page. All I will say here is I will not buy another Ferm machine.
It’s nice to walk in and just throw a switch now to have light. I will be fitting the fluorescent lights from the old container in here. These low energy bulbs will do for now though.
Tomorrow I will tidy the floor, and sweep up a bit. Hopefully soon, I will have a source of boards to line the walls.

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Taking Shape

I’m slowly getting the shed ready for working in. I finished framing the walls yesterday. Next move is bracing the roof, then I can start to think about fitting some lights. I even have one of the wall cabinets up on the wall.
Back Wall Panorama
Hopefully next weekend I can start getting the floor cabinets moved through and start fitting them.
Door Side Panorama
I’m hoping to get some old dry-wipe marker boards from work to line the walls. My favourite price, free.
Hopefully I will be able to start turning again quite soon.

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Summer Holiday

I had a week off work last week, ostensibly to finish shipping my workbenches and cabinets through to the new shed.
Really though, when it’s this warm who wants to do any work?
Our garden is a proper sun-trap, and this may never be repeated.


I did manage to do a very small amount of turning. This little beech box was rough turned in 2013 following a guide by Phil Irons. I wish now I had photographed the blank before I turned it.
The grain lines up pretty well.
Inside is a bit rough with tool marks still, but it was just a proof of concept so I’m happy enough.
I just love beech. It has to be one of my favourite timbers to work.

I really need to get my benches and cabinets in the shed and finish the framing etc. but I have plenty of time.

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Turning Once More

I can hardly contain my excitement. I actually got the lathe fired up today and turned something for the first time in almost a year.
It’s really hard to put into words how good it feels to be turning again.
So good in fact, it was Fanta-stick

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Much More Constructive

Or perhaps more destructive?
We managed to spend a few hours on Saturday taking the old cabin apart and moving a large amount of the contents. All in 28°C heat.
Probably 2 more trips by car, then a single van-load of the cabinets and workbench should do it.

My Nemesis

I had to evict a queen wasp from new shed on Saturday. Little blighter was building a byke on my roof. I really hate these be-winged devils, and kill them as soon as they come indoors.
DSCN0956You have to admire their industry, and the sheer beauty of what they build, but my distaste for them over-powers everything else.
It really is a work of art. Pyrethrin saw off the queen, so that’s one colony of evil less this Summer. I can’t say I’m sorry – they kill bees.

Two Summers ago I had to abandon the cabin after killing around 60 of the nasty little critters. I ran out of spray. I reckon there must’ve been a byke somewhere near for there to be so many.

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